1 kg VITAMINO  supplement

Vitamins, Amino acids & Minerals


Complete and balanced association of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to supplement poultry diets to achieve maximum growth. Specially indicated in hot weather, marginal feed stress situation or during the treatment of diseases. increases laying, growth, body condition and feed conversion rate.


Vitamin A 7.500.000 UI, Vitamins D3 250,000 UI, Vitamins E 1500 mg, Vitamin Bi 1000 mg, Vitamin B2 1000 mg, Vitamina B6 600 mg, Vitamin C 5000 mg, Vitamin K3, 2000 mg, Vitamin B5 2000 mg, Nictinamide 7000 mg.

Trace elements: Potassium 70.000 mg, Zinc 12000 mg, Magnesium 12000 mg, Iron 5000 mg.

Aminoacids: Methionine 7500 mg, L- Lisina, L- Lisina, L – Triptofan. L- Treonine Alanine, Arginine Valine, Serine, Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid Proline.

DOSAGE: 10 gr every 100 litres of drinking water.

Administer as the only source of water, for 5 – 7 consecutive days.

It is stable in the drinking water. It is stable in drinking water. it does not form particles in the tank or water pipes.

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