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Equipment (1)

Our Products

* Day Old Chicks:
Layers, Broilers, Quail, Geese, Duck, Exotic, Turkey Poultry, etc.

Cages for Layers and Broilers, Feeders, Drinker, Carriers, Brooder, Vaccination, Digital scale, Hygro-Thermometer, Automatic Drinkers, Debeakers, etc.

*Health & Nutrition:
Antibiotics, Supplement, Pre Starter, Chick Starter, Grower & Layer Feed, Broiler starter, etc.

*Consultancy Services:
Feed Calculator, Beginners Guide, Financial Plan, Record Sheet, etc.

Our Services

We specialize in import and sale of highly productive Day old chicks, Veterinary Drugs and poultry Equipment in Ghana.

*Poultry Supplies
*Veterinary Supplements
*Training and Consultations

Poultry Training

Latest Products