Poultry Supplies

Known to farmers across the nation, we provide a wide range of livestock care products to the Market. To mention a few; we have Feeders, Drinker, Brooding equipment, Incubators, Vaccinator through to Day Old Chicks. Partners to Hy-line International – Netherlands and Garantis Hatchery. We are currently the official importer/distributor of Hy-line breeds in Ghana. Variety they say is the spice of life, therefore we also provide another breed named Bovans; Sourcing from ISA.Export BV (Hendrix Genetics) Netherland. We have layers, Broilers, Cockerels, Ducks, Guinea fowl and Turkeys available for sale. Over the years, we’ve developed markets outside the country; we also export locally hatched day old chicks to other neighbouring countries; Notably Central African Republic, Cote d’voire and Burkina Faso.

Veterinary Supplements

We offer a wide range of veterinary supplements. We are a registered distributor of UCORP international, manufacturer of the popularly known organic livestock supplement HumicVet and HumicPlus. We also have Humirich food supplement, Polypeptide Fatten prime and Multivitamins.

Training & Consultations

With vast experience in the industry, Poultinn & More Ltd offers its customers not just Day olds and equipment, but modern result oriented training program and solutions for its customers. We have expertise in Livestock Start-up organization, Financial planning and Management.

Our training programs covers Brooding, Disease identification and control, General poultry management to Marketing of finished products. We have the team to give your farm hands the required knowledge in conventional and Organic Poultry production.

Just as any good business, Poultry requires a good financial plan to succeed. You cannot take chances for your investment. A good financial plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business. It serves as a roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow the business to attract funding or bring on new business partners. A little tweak to your Agri-business can change the trajectory of your business altogether. Let’s help you speak the financial language of banks and investors

Talk to us for a compelling business/ financial plan.