Terra Eggs-P


1 kg Terra Eggs – P

Composition: Each 1 kg contains

Oxytetracycline HCI  56000 mg 

Vitamins B2   3,000 mg 

Vitamins A   2,200, 000 UI

Vitamins B5    5,000 mg

Vitamins D3    400,000 UI

Vitamins B12   2,200 mcg

Vitamins E2    500 UI

Vitamins PP    13,400 mg 

Vitamins K3   800 mg 

Excipients qsp      1 kg 


Increase number of eggs.

Improve quality of eggs

Enhance Egg fertilization and embryo rate, hatch rate

Anti – stress and reduces FCR

Prevent disease caused by bacteria that are hypersensitive to Oxytetracycline.


Dissolve 5 g/ 8 litre of drinking water, use in the first and last spawning cycle which has high risk of diseases & stress and that cause reduction in egg production.

In case number of eggs drop sudden due to low  daily feed intake: 5g/4 lt of drinking


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