1 kg StressLet 


Each 100 gm contains 

Sodium Chloride  1.0 gm

Calcium Lactate   1.2 gm

Calcium Gluconate 1.2 gm

Sodium Bicarbonate  3.0 gm

Ascorbic Acid  1.0 gm 

Potassium Chloride  3.0 gm

Protein Hydrolysate  1.0 gm 

Sodium Citrate  6.0 gm 

Magnesium Sulphate  1.0 gm 

Elemental Sodium  3.0 gm 

Elemental Potassium  2.5 gm 

Dextrose monohydrate  60 gm 

Carrier    Q.s 


Dosage: 5 – 7 days

Poultry: 1 gm/ litre of drinking water

Livestock: Calves/Sheep/ Dog : 20 gm/ animal/ day

Large animals: 100 gm/ animal/day or as advised by veterinarian


Neutralizes the electrolytic imbalance & provide strength

Can be used as supportive therapy during anti-biotic treatment

Best suitable alternative in summer to avoid dehydration



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