Plasson Automatic Drinker


Plasson Automatic Drinker 

Automatic Bell Drinker is an innovative equipment ideal for providing clean and continuous water supply for poultry. It is indicated for floor-reared poultry (broiler, cockerel, Layer, or kuroiler etc) and can provide 24 hours supply of water once connected to a filled overhead tank. It is unique, sensitive and maintenance free.

The Automatic Bell Drinkers are very reliable with a higher drum capacity to ensure consistent delivery of clean water to flock. They are made with high-quality plastic materials with durable attributes. The design helps poultry farmers achieve a constant water level without wetting the floor. Once a bird drinks as little as 10 grams of water, it’s highly sensitive and maintenance free system is activated.

Approximately 15 to 20 of this drinker is needed to serve about 1000 adult chickens. Areas with higher prevailing temperatures require more numbers. The water pressure on the drinker can also be regulated.

This drinker is recommended for average of 50 birds depending on the prevailing temperature in the facility.


  • It is important to install this drinker according to the required height (drinker lip should be a bit higher than the back of the birds) as this eases drinking and reduce water wastage and litter soiling.
  • Keep the water level as low as possible at all times.
  • This drinker serves 100 birds.
  • For bell type drinkers maintain depth at ½ to ¾ inch (12-20 mm), depending on drinker style, drinking activity, ambient temperature and litter conditions.
  • Clean drinkers daily.
  • Flush overhead lines in periods of high temperature to provide fresh and coll water for the birds.

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