Nipple Cup

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Nipple Chicken drinker with cup

1. High sensitivity(360 degree) ,Drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young and grow out birds start well and makes drinking easier.

2. Ball valve style

3. Quality material:304 stainless steel and PP won’t leak or rust
4. Water saving

5. Easy installation and easy take-down
6. Long life-span and competitive price

Each Nipple can take 100 chicks, 5 grown out, 5 ducks and Turkey


1. Clean water—direct drinking for Chicken from nipple drinker,No spiling and soaking, like the original container style drinker, to make sure chicken can get clean,freshwater,which can avoid some bird diseases.

2. Save labor—connect with PVC pipe or water container,do not need to check the water condition very often,just need to make sure PVC pipe connect with water or the water container have water.

3.Easy for Chicken to use it—Bright red/yellow/orange design, attract to birds or chicken and the nipple drinker dispense a drip of water whenever they are pecked,they can avoid some birds diseases for chicken with playing.

4.Easy to clean for nipple,bacause of removable parts

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