Joyvet AD3E Vitamins(100g)


100g JOYVET Vitamins AD3E Powder

Joyvet Vitamins promotes the growth and development of livestock and poultry, supplement deficiencies of vitamins A, D3 and E in the diet. Build up resistance and improves the function of the reproductive system.

Prevents rickets, dysplasia and soft eggs, egg – Shaped decrescent, rate decline and so on, Stimulate antibody production and helps vaccine function well and also acts as best anti stress

Dosage and Administration

Mix with feed

  • Poultry; 100g is to 100kg
  • Grower pigs; 100g is to 150kg
  • Piglet; 100g is to 100kg

Mix with water

  • Poultry; 100g is to 200 litres
  • Grower pigs; 100g is to 200 litres
  • Piglet; 100g is to 150 litres

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