Genius Feed Calculator( Layer)

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Genius Feed Calculator

The Genius Calculator is a responsive excel file that estimates the quantity of feed and cost of raising your flock from Day old to Laying point.

It is careful designed to estimated the Quantity of feed and cost through the 3 stages in layer farming i.e. Brooding (Day 1- 6 weeks) , Developer (7 -22 weeks) and Laying Stage (23 – 54 weeks).

The Genius Calculator was made by Us for Us. Yes ! it was designed by a farmer for farmers. It calculates the amount required for feeding in Ghana cedi. All you need is to enter Number of birds, Weight of feed and the cost of Feed in the blank sections and see the magic.

The Genius Calculator is a tool every poultry farmer needs;It advises Users on the right quantity of feed to give your birds, Advises you on the cost of feeding. It is Easy to use and can calculate up to 1 million birds.


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