Gas Brooder (1000 bird Cpty)

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1000 capacity Stainless steel Gas brooder.

High quality Stainless Gas brooder. Suitable for 1000 birds.

Gas brooders help provide a source of heat for floor reared chicks. They utilize natural gas or methane, connected to a heating element-hanged 3 to 5 feet above the chick/pen floor.

  1. This product works well with brooder guards (often in a diameter of 5 feet-which can hold about 200 chicks).
  2. Thus, the brooder guard is raised at the middle of the circle.

The maximum heat source from this device can serve up to 1000 brooding birds


Check the brooder for proper temperature 24 hours prior to the arrival of chicks.

  • Switch on the brooder heating source several hours before the arrival of the chicks in order to maintain required brooding temperature.
  • Watch the reaction of the chicks to the heating source in order to find out if the temperature provided is appropriate.
  • Thus, the heat intensity can be adjusted by reducing the power of the bulb or raising the heating element higher from the birds.
  • In case of too low temperature, there needs to be a supplement to the heating source. Also, the heating source can be further lowered to the ground.

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