Agristeryl Farm Disinfectant


5 litre (5kg) Agristeryl Disfection


  • For air, equipment and surface disinfection. In all breeding farms: cattle, sheep, swines,rabbits, quails,Turkey, Ducks.. Stud farms,kennels,zoos, abattoirs, Knackers, Veterinary centers, Food-processing industries … Animal transportation, public bodies, central purchasing units, refrigerating vehicles.


  • Air disinfection in poultry farms: For a full building containing 5.000 animals, mix from 25 to 38 ml with 25 l of water to get from o.1 to o.15% concentration and spray as drizzle softly in the shed’s atmosphere 3-4 times for one day in the presence of the animal. Divide the quantity of sprayed product (25 litres) by 3-4 times, accordingly to the number of times you spray the product during one day. So if you spray 3 times a day, spray about 8 itre of solution each time (25/3=8). Repeat operation for 1 to 3 days
  • Equipment and surface disenfection: Dilute in water at 0.40 %, i.e o,40 l of AGRI,STERYL in 100 litre of water. For virucidal efficiency ( Gumboro, Newcastle), dilute at 1,00%. Can be applied by spraying, Soaking.
  • For foot bath and surroundings disinfection: dilute AGRISTERYL at 1%. suitable for food-contact material ( rinse with water use).

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