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  • 5 kg Analog Scale


    High Precision Constant Scale

    Plastic housing with deep cup. Easy the carry and durable. it come in different colors.

    Maximum Weight : 5 kilogram

    Minimum Weight : 1 gram

  • COXB3 WSP (Sulfachloropyrazine)


    100 grams CoxB3 wsp anticoccidia


    Contains per g:
    Sulfachloropyrazine sodium monohydrate 300  mg


    Sulfachloropyrazine is an antibiotic belonging to the group of sulfonamides. Sulfachloropyrazine is a competitive antagonist of para-aminobenzoic acid, which is a precursor of folic acid in protozoa and bacteria. Folic acid is a coenzyme necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acid, so in the presence of Sulfachloropyrazine, sensitive bacteria and protozoa do not multiply.


    CoxB3 wsp is indicated for the treatment of coccidiosis in poultry due to infection with Eimeri species, fowl typhoid due to infection with Salmonella gallinarum and fowl cholera due to infection with Pasteurella multocida.


    Do not administer to animals with a severe impaired renal or liver function.


    Temporary egg drop, wind eggs and hypersensitivity reactions may occur.


    Do not combine with antacids: this may decrease the oral bioavailability of CoxB3 wsp when administered together.


    For oral administration via feed or drinking water.

    Poultry, turkeys:

    • Coccidiosis: 100 g per 100 litres of drinking water during 3 days.
    • Salmonellosis and Pasteurellosis: 100 g per 100 litres of drinking water during 5 days.

    Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours. In case of coccidiosis in poultry: If no improvement is noted within 3 days, evaluate the symptoms to determine the presence of other diseases. Follow the instructions of your veterinarian or poultry pathologist.


    Meat : 7 days
    Eggs : 3 days


    Store in a dry, dark place between 2 °C and 25 °C.
    Store in closed packing.
    Keep medicine away from children.

  • Terra Eggs-P


    1 kg Terra Eggs – P

    Composition: Each 1 kg contains

    Oxytetracycline HCI  56000 mg 

    Vitamins B2   3,000 mg 

    Vitamins A   2,200, 000 UI

    Vitamins B5    5,000 mg

    Vitamins D3    400,000 UI

    Vitamins B12   2,200 mcg

    Vitamins E2    500 UI

    Vitamins PP    13,400 mg 

    Vitamins K3   800 mg 

    Excipients qsp      1 kg 


    Increase number of eggs.

    Improve quality of eggs

    Enhance Egg fertilization and embryo rate, hatch rate

    Anti – stress and reduces FCR

    Prevent disease caused by bacteria that are hypersensitive to Oxytetracycline.


    Dissolve 5 g/ 8 litre of drinking water, use in the first and last spawning cycle which has high risk of diseases & stress and that cause reduction in egg production.

    In case number of eggs drop sudden due to low  daily feed intake: 5g/4 lt of drinking


  • Automatic Egg Incubator (112 capacity)


    Brand New digital incubator automatic with automatic turning function

    Capacity: 112 Chicken Eggs

    It’s multi purpose and Can be used to hatch quail, Geese, Duck, Turkey and Guinea fowl eggs


    Automatic Egg Incubator (140 capacity)

    1,050.00 800.00

    Brand New digital incubator automatic with automatic turning function

    Capacity: 140 Chicken Eggs

    It’s multi purpose and Can be used to hatch quail, Geese, Duck, Turkey and Guinea fowl eggs

  • 15 ltr Arcus Drinking Trough


    15 litre Plastic Drinking through with option for Stand.

    Each stand is 1

  • Vitaminolyte


    1 kilogram Vitaminolyte 


    A water soluble powder for oral use. Vitaminolyte is a combined preparation of Vitamins, Amino acids and minerals to enhance growth and layer performance. It is indicated for oral use in times of stress during early growth, vaccination, excessive changes in temperatures, dehydration, etc. It is also useful during convalescence after treatment against coccidiosis, worms, bacterial and viral infections. It is particularly highly recommended for day old chicks.


    Poultry: 100 g Vitaminolyte powder to medicate 200 litres drinking water (or 100 kg of feed) for 7 day consecutive day.

  • 5 ltr Chick Drinker


    Plastic 6 litre Chick drinker.

    Ideal for day old to 4 weeks.

    Easy to clean and efficient at dispensing water